Worked Out Series

A series of 2 day workshops that can be taken as an on going course
or as individual self contained units.
Maximum - 16 participants.
£ 60.00 for each unit, or £ 150.00 for all three.
Character Building 1

(CB1) - History & Journey.
Using improvisation to build a character that has a cohesive inner and outer world and discover how that character progresses on it's journey.
In this workshop a theoretical basis (stanislavski based) for the acting process is laid down, then freeform improvisation is used to examine the practical application of this theory. It is split into 2 sections. The first, HISTORY, is used to examine a characters personal experience up to `the present moment' and how this creates motivation within them. In the second, JOURNEY, we look at the process of how character moves through `the present moment'. We discuss the influence of history and the cycle of `motivation, objective, action, result and reaction'. The overall aim is to develop a believable character by the end of day 2.

Character Building 2

(CB2) - Physicality & Vocality.
Based around Rudolph Laban's efforts. Use improvisation to discover a character's physical and vocal make up.
Through the practical experience of "Laban's" efforts, we examine the effects of body and voice on character and vice versa. We investigate the elements that make up the efforts both externally and internally (Weight, Space, Time, Intention, Attention and Decision). Freeform improvisation is then used to develop a character from a physical starting point.

Character Building 3

(CB3) - The Script.
In this workshop we examine aspects of the script (character types and roles, story structure- units, scenes, acts and story world) and how these elements affect character development. Working from scripts and using techniques explored in CB1 & CB2 we demystify the process of lifting a character up from the text on the page.

Work It Out

A half day workshop (3.5 hrs). Maximum - 8 participants.
£ 30.00 per session.

Devising through Improvisation.
Use improvisation to devise a fifteen-minute piece by the end of the session. Intense!


A 2 Hour workshop. Maximum - 8 participants.
£ 20.00 per session.

(W.O.) - Guided freeform Improvisation.
Improvise to your hearts content. This one really is for fun.